Objective-C and Cocoa Documentation

This is a post by a person who might be very ignorant of things. So if you feel that I am wrong please correct me.

Cocoa documentation is pretty bad. It is nothing compared to Java. In fact I believe that it is even worse than C's. And the [ ] is beginning to get to me.

Actually let me rephrase myself. The provided NS libraries are actually very powerful but their syntax is horrible. Someone should really rewrite the entire documentation.

I hope I find something that suggests otherwise. I really like interface-builder and I understand most of the advantages of using key-value observing (KVO) and key-value binding (KVB) but the syntax and documentation just gets to me.

Also code completing in Xcode is abysmal. End of story. Another point that I hope Xcode 2.0 will rectify. So far the only promising thing about Xcode 2.0 is the Java code completion and the class diagrams. I can't wait to see how it compares to Eclipse.

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