Cooking competition in space?

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Malaysians plan Asian space food: "Malaysian scientists have already conquered most of the technical hurdles involved in sending someone into space. But one major obstacle still needs to be overcome."

This had better not be real. In times when people are sending astronauts to space to actually try manufacturing cures for diseases and such, my country plans to waste a fair amount of money to investigate how to prepare local cuisines in space?

What bugs me more is the fact that the reporter lists this as: one major obstacle. What major obstacle? Are we the only ones who cannot survive in space without tasting something local for one week?! The more I read it the more I think that this report might be insinuating this idea and making fun of whoever proposed this. It is not the first time that a British tabloid has reported something like this.

Also, the lack of an authoritative source to cite for his comments does not lend credence to this already preposterous article. While I do believe that someone living in Malaysia is capable of suggesting this absurd mission, I am even more in shock that someone actually reported it on There seems to be no valid reason why someone who want to spend money to investigate how to prepare food in space. I know that not too long ago, someone proposed space tourism so is Malaysia trying to pioneer space cooking competitions?

I cannot imagine what people will think of next. On the other hand, if we are indeed that feeble to not be able to survive without our local food, then is it any wonder why we are never part of any serious space expedition?

Usually I do not add new entries on a Sunday night but the article seems to be too mind-boggling that I want to have a record of when I first heard of this nonsense.
I refrain from saying anything about the last paragraph because it is a sensitive issue. My opinions on that will never been seen by public eyes.

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