PSP: I got myself one

My new toy. There are enough pictures of it around the net that I do not have to upload one. I am still trying to get it to work with my Airport setup. I do not have an Airport base station so I am trying to get the PSP to recognize it. Incidentally, there is an article here on how to set up the hidden web browser.

There are only a few games for the PSP now. So for testing purposes I went to buy Dynasty Warriors since it seems like the simplest 1 player fighting game that I can actually win at. The graphics are pretty good. Then again, I would not know how much handheld consoles have progressed because I have not been monitoring them. One of the few games that I would really like to see for the PSP would be something along the genre of Final Fantasy. I have always wanted to play Final Fantasy but the thought of sitting in front of the tv or computer to play seems a bit weird. Hopefully they will be releasing more games soon. And also some UMD writer so that I can rip some games.

The video and picture viewing capabilities do not matter much to me. The memory stick duo that the PSP uses is not going to be useful for anything else. And there are not going to be cheap since the only devices that use them are Sony devices. I uploaded some photos into the 32 MB memory stick that came with it. The results were pretty good except for the zooming which takes a very long time.

So far, the PSP does not disappoint.

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