3D Viewing Program

Sample solution image

This is not one of my best programs, but I am satisfied with it. The model that you see in the picture above is that of the lounge on the third floor of the Siebel building at this university. The lighting and materials need some working on but other than that it does depict the furniture rather well.

There are controls for you to move, rotate and zoom in very much like in Doom but I made it simple for myself and just made the controls accessible via the keyboard and not the mouse. That is going to change for the final project though.

You cannot see this from the picture above, but there is simple key frame animation for a blue bunny somewhere in the background. Again nothing fancy, but it shows how key frame may be done.

Besides the weird color choices, the only thing weird with this program is the "missing" polygons from the given model. And it did not take me too long to get the whole thing up: just a mere 8 hours with testing.

The image above was from the course website since I had to reformat my machine and lost all the previous images. Also, fltk and libgfx do not play along well with Mac OS X Tiger.

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