First and foremost!

I destroyed my computer's system files last night while trying to be heroic and installed the OS X 10.4.2 update without waiting for it to show up on software update. Now that I think of it, there can be a few reasons why the installation failed miserably. Here are my theories:

But the more important thing is that I managed to salvage what I can from my previous weblog. Of course, that is not much since all the pictures are now missing. And some of the posts are also missing. The ones that I managed to restore so far are from an exported file done through movable type itself.

The most important thing is that I have come to appreciate the usefulness of syncing with .mac. Because of that, I was able to get a new installation of OS X Tiger up and running within an hour with all the bare minimums. It took me about 3 more hours to install programs that I think I might need. However, this time around, I am more selective of what programs I actually install. Additionally, this fanstastic program called PodWorks saved my iTunes library file for me by transferring the songs back from the iPod will all the latest ratings and play dates. Wonderful. Well worth its $ 8 price tag. Incidentally, rixstep offers some command line method for doing it. Unfortunately, the instructions were not explained clearly. And my first trial with it caused my music folder to be invisible to the finder. I really have to be careful with what rixstep says.

Finally, my greatest worry now is how secure this blog is going to be on windows. I have this feeling that it is not at all.

Here are my plans for the next few days:

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