Replacing MovableType with Typo?

Ah, the agony. I just stumbled across Typo which is a sweet weblog system written with Ruby on Rails! That means that I can actually fiddle with it and that I already understand more than 80% of what is going on. This beats MovableType in a way since MovableType is written in Perl and I am not confident in that language. Again, it gives me time to eat my own dog food since I am a big fan of Ruby on Rails.

And of course, this provides the excellent opportunity to follow through using the Agile Web Development with Rails book that I bought but have not fully utilized. Ah, the temptation. The only thing that is holding me back is the lack of templates for Typo. However, that can be viewed as some of motivation as well since now I can no longer rely on someone else's template.

Oh, did I mention that someone wrote a script that will migrate my MovableType entries over to Typo? Excellent

Plans to install the kubrick template for MovableType is still not happening. The last time I did this, I used the steps highlighted here but the link has been done for some time. The author says that the website will be up soon, sometime.

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