Got myself a 20 inch widescreen monitor!

Dell 2005FPW
And the first thing you do when you get such big display is to install DejaMenu because when you have a second display, Mac OS X's menubar only appears on the main machine and not on that beautiful 16080 x 1050 screen estate. A real shame.

The second thing you must get is a set of wireless keyboard and mouse because using the powerbook's keyboard is going to cause you really bad neck pains. Apple's bluetooth keyboards are really slick and all but getting one that has more function keys might be more worthwhile. And of course, unless you are a dumb-ass, do not ever get the Apple one-button mouse. If you want a one-button mouse, use the one on the powerbook.

Last but not the least, for such a nice display, you also need desktop pictures that fit. Head on over to PixelHust and grab a few. They are free and decent looking. And make sure you turn on the option to change the wallpaper every few minutes because the transition on the large screen is really sweet.

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