First post for typo!

Today is the day that I moved my blog from MovableType to typo. Yeah! No more messy perl files to deal with. And with typo 2.0, I gain the Kubrick template as well. So that saves me some time as well.

Right now it is running on Apache2 with cgi only. Now, as most of you have heard, this is not the way to be fast. However, as pointed out in Agile Web Development with Rails trying to get Apache and FastCGI to work together is no simple task. In fact, I dabbled with it for the past 3 hours with no success. Moreover, I could not even install the fcgi gem!

So, right now, the site seems to be really sluggish. There should be something else that can be configured to make this faster. Right now, it seems that typo is fetching all 70+ articles each time we reload the page. At least, I think so. I am most probably wrong. And I hope I am.

Anyway, I need to spend some time reading the source code and tweaking things. Right now, I am running the default out of the box configuration. Definitely needs some tweaking.

However, this process has been fun and I am sure I will get better at handling the idiosyncrasies of Apache and FastCGI.

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