O'Reilly CodeZoo

O'Reilly CodeZoo: "After our launch in April, we received requests for many languages, but no language got more requests than Python. We're happy to have Python represented on CodeZoo, and will be adding still more components to the Python tab over the next few weeks. Visit python.codezoo.com to get right to CodeZoo's 'Reptile House.'
Seeing all the excitement around Ruby, particularly Ruby on Rails, we felt it would make an excellent addition to CodeZoo. Whenever possible, we're providing a RubyGems-format download as the default (and we'll start up a Gems server shortly). Check out ruby.codezoo.com and see what all the fuss is about."

(Via @lesscode.)

Though I am neutral for the inclusion of Python as part of codezoo, I am really excited about Ruby's inclusion. Maybe people have really seen what a great language it can be.

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