This was one of my Java projects that I created last semester for the Programming Studios class. This is not really one that I was very proud of because it has some bugs that I could not fix. Mostly because we were using the JLayer libraries and the documentation is not really accurate. The bug was that it was not possible to asynchronously fast-forward, rewind or switch to the next song. Also, the library itself is not multi-threaded so I had to create a separte thread to enable GUI interactions.

To compensate for those shortcomings, I implemented an ID3-v1 editor. Also, I made it read and create .m3u play lists. Something which I was particularly happy with is the ability to select the genre via a combo box in the table. That required some time to figure out.

Also, this post was made from within flickr itself,so it serves as a test post to see how good flickr's blog this photo service is. And as of this moment, it has failed miserably. So here I am back in Marsedit editing this.

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