Pictures are now served from

The missing pictures have now been restored. For those that I am not able to recreate, I have tried my best to procure some alternative sources and credit them for the pictures.

I think that outsourcing my images to flickr is a good idea. That way I would not have to worry about editing the links everytime I move to different web hosts or a different web blog system. Also, it seems more organized. Anyone who wishes to just have a preview of my images can use flickr's photostream function. If only I had thought of this before I erased all my pictures!

For convenience, here are the articles that changed:

While regenerating some of the pictures for my Java projects, I notice some problems:

There are bound to be other broken links especially for articles that cross reference one another. When that happens, the easiest way is to search for that article using the search function at the top right hand corner. Since it is live searching, you do not even need to wait for the page to refresh. All thanks to Ajax!

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