Finally back!

After such a long hiatus, this web blog is finally back on the web. First some explanation for the absence. I was waiting for the excellent RailsAppHosting to come up with some plan to replace their beta version. First it was going to be ready in September. Then they suddenly announced that they would be partnering with TextDrive - (everyone's favorite web host?) and that we can expect a release in early October. Then they said that it should be available before RubyConf:

"... and, when will we launch? We're (seriously) aiming for just before you need to catch your flight to RubyConf and, looking at our progress right now, we shouldn't have any trouble meeting that deadline."

Hmmm... that reply was dated September 29 and today is already October 21. Seems like a long time to wait. I am sure that they are doing all they can to hurry it up. I do wish that they would not make false predictions and then fail to meet them. And to placate myself, I keep telling myself that the end product will definitely justify the means they are doing it. But another part of me tells me that, it is time for them to do some early release to see how much their users would actually want those new features. I will be sure to check those features out once they become available.

So, in the end, I forgo the one-click installation of Typo and jumped ahead to set it up on with a sandbox account. While they do not offer one-click Typo installation, they do offer q rather nifty control panel that enabled me to set this blog up within 5 minutes and then restore the backup I had took least than a minute. All this for $12 a year which is really decent. I have not had the need to contact their support staff for anything serious yet so I am not sure on their customer service. Though I did e-mail them once to delete my trial account so that I can upgrade to the sandbox account.

Anyway, I am glad that I have a web blog to write things on again. Expect some posts to come.

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