Flock, Under Those Feathers at PaulStamatiou.com

Flock, Under Those Feathers at PaulStamatiou.com:

Flickr Photo "Flock is the latest open source browser, catering especially to bloggers and Web 2.0 savvy users. It is heavily based upon open source code from Mozilla’s Firefox browser and was developed by a group of a 10 guys and a gal in a garage in Palo Alto, California (with lots of contributions from many developers). Flock promises to leave the user with a strong social web browsing experience. With bookmark syncing with del.icio.us, integrated blogging and flickr support, Flock looks like a real treat. But be warned, in this early developer preview there are some nasty bugs and lacking features that should be a must if Flock hopes to lure current Firefox users."

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I actually have a temporary blog set up to blog about Flock (I removed it since it was just taking up useless space and I have not maintained it for a while). Or rather just to try out its built-in blogging feature. I really like the concept that they are setting up but Flock, like Firefox does not give me an authentic Mac feel.Speaking of Web 2.0, some people have the guts (I mean this in a good way) to actually point out that it may all just be hype.

The Furrygoat Experience: Web 2.0: Just Say No:

"As I mentioned a few days ago, I'm pretty tired of 'Web 2.0'. Glad to hear Joel taking a stand against it, and frankly I agree - I'm not going to mention it again on Furrygoat.com (maybe if we ignore it, it will just go away :))."

For all we know, Web 2.0 might turn out to be something that no one is going to care about. Not that it matters to me since I am pretty pleased with what I am seeing. Just that they hyperbole surrounding it makes it seem more phenomenal than it really is.

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