Google Desktop 2

Google Desktop
Looks good enough. And you can even integrate it with Google Talk. What I really like, its handiness. After all, how much more handy can you get besides having it on the right side of the screen? It would be better if you can auto-hide it though. The scratch pad really comes in handy. But the QuickView function is something that I think will be really useful. It stores all your just frequently accessed (or recently) files and web sites.

Of course, with this new product, Google begins to encroach on different turfs. Some argue that Google is becoming evil or, horrors, the next Microsoft. And in fact, they argue that Google is even more dangerous since it indexes your searches, your e-mail and whatever else you access using its services. Well, even Microsoft has really good stuff now and then. So evil might be tolerable to a certain extent.

Though the fact that they are requesting your cell phone number as a safe way to prevent people from creating multiple gmail accounts is still questionable. After all, what would they do with those numbers? You think they are going to dispose of them once they send you the pass key? Think about it. Your number is more important to you than some e-mail address (especially one that is created for free). More details on the always excellent O'Reilly Radar.

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