ROKR? Top Worldwide:

"Motorola Inc.'s iTunes music phone, developed with Apple Computer Inc. and unveiled last month in front of an audience of more than 500, may have flopped."

Do they seriously want people to call it the Rocker? Somehow, I felt that Apple was not putting everything into this product. Instead it was more of a brainchild of Motorola. No Apple logo on the phone at all only the weak association with iTunes. Moreover, the spotlight of the release event was given to the iPod Nano which seems to radiate more techo lust than a Motorola phone. And given all the hype that surrounded it for almost a year (the taoofmac web site even has a timeline for it), it is inevitable that everyone would be expecting a little more. For a discussion of why hype is bad, John Gruber has produced an excellent analysis of the situation at It was as though Apple did not even cared about the leakage of the Rokr even when EnGadget had a photo of the actual product months ahead.

I don't own one, and I do not plan to own one. So all I can say: I am glad I did not get one. Listening to your music on your phone still seems like a very dumb idea especially when you are stuck with one carrier. And a phone that does not really sync properly with iTunes. Calling it the iTunes phone is a great misnomer.

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