WWFSMD: What would Flying Spaghetti Monster do?

By Nilkas Jansson

Instead of doing a half decent job of explaining what the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) is all about, I would redirect you instead to its excellent entry on wikipedia.

More importantly, the FSM is not an attack on Christianity or any other religion. Its main purpose (and the one which I subscribe to) is to let people know that teaching the alternative theory of Intelligent Design in schools will only exposed students to one theory of Intelligent Design. Thus, the creator of FSM, Bobby Henderson came up with his idea of an intelligent designer, the FSM. And he contends that since Intelligent Design is all about teaching an alternative form of human design, the FSM should be included as part of. And if FSM is one of it, then every other religion, belief, conjecture out there also deserve some mention in classrooms. So, there is no end to what it means by Intelligent Design.

And just for kicks, here are parts of the FSM belief:

If they can somehow find a way to teach the theory of Intelligent Design without having it being monopolized by any one religion, then by all means go ahead and do so. Again, it seems more troublesome than it is worth. People who actually care about Intelligent Design would have already joined a religion. And those who do not will also argue vehemently against it.

So while, religion and Christianity is a good thing, they should NOT be incorporated in public or private schools. Leave such things to Sunday School where they belong. And while we are at it, let us keep the word God out of all public speeches here. Since whenever anyone uses the word God here, it usually just means the Christian God. No one else is so bold as to profess about their God except the Christians.

FSM is not a real religion.

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