OmniOutliner has been relegated on my application list

OmniOutliner icon I suddenly noticed a familiar icon in my Applications folder that has not been touched since I upgraded to Tiger! This is rather interesting because the last time I would take a note on something, I will definitely rely on having the formatting capabilities of OmniOutliner. Nowadays, I just rely on plain text. Well, almost plain text since I format my text using Textile. Why Textile? Because TextMate has some great support for it and I realized that all you ever need is at most 3 levels of indentation and that is easily discernible just from indenting using plain text. Also, I don't really need the folding capabilities that OmniOutliner offers since most of my notes are short enough.

So, my almost daily workflow would involve doing a svn update on the Application Support folder for Textmate and then opening it and running it the whole day. Right now, I use it for almost all my scratch work, not even relying on StickyNotes for simple things.

Well just goes to show, how plain text has once again become the most appealing format to store stuff in. No need for the hassle of hiding stuff now and then. Of course, I am not saying that OmniOutliner is useless; in fact, far from it. Just that right now there is no niche in my workflow that requires the use of a heavyweight outliner.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the notes I take mostly involve some form of source code so having the text look like source code is also an important feature.

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