Revival: Ruby + Lisp

Two Things:

"First, I'm sure you've read a lot of the ruby-lisp equivalence discussions over the weekend. This is great stuff, I hope it gets deeper and we can find some good middleground. The way I feel about Lisp is the way I feel about socialism. Neat ideals and I really wish they worked on humans!"

I will definitely want to read at least two of the pages bookmarked on the link above. This is definitely an interesting revival of my interest in ruby+lisp -- not that it ever died or anything but it must have diminished during the past few months as I ventured into other stuff. Heck, if this ruby+lisp thing is interesting enough, I might even be able to write a thesis on it.

Errr... so why the post? Nothing much yet, just reserving a place for it here so that I do remember to come back and write about it.

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