Trim the Services menu

I just discovered two great applications to help you get rid of the useless clutter in the Services menu in OSX. Most people will not even know that there is a Services menu in OSX since the entries there are mostly useless stuff that applications decided gratuitously to put there. For instance, who in the world uses the Chinese Text Converter service, or the View in JavaBrowser, etc.

Being the neat freak that I am, I was happy to find a hint on to show how to get rid of those entries. However, I was even more ecstatic to find these two applications from different authors.

Michael Tsai - Blog - Service Scrubber 1.0:

"Peter Maurer's Service Scrubber provides a unified interface for hiding services from the menu (thus removing clutter), changing their keyboard shortcuts, and moving them to the top leve"

Macworld: Mac 911: Trimming the Services menu:

"[Y]ou’re just as welcome to try Blacktree Inc’s free Service Manager"

For an extreme example of how unkempt the Services menu can be, take a look at this article: Macworld: News: Opinion: The sad state of Services:

"What’s not to like?
There are two main issues with the Services feature that really affect its usability:
Issue #1: Services aren’t available in all applications.
Issue #2: The Services menu is out of the user’s control.

Also, it's amazing how both MacDevcenter and Macworld is jumping on this story.

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