What this semester has taught me

It's that time of the year again where I reflect on what I have learned for this semester. This semester has been relatively kind to me with no subject too dull or difficult. Also, this was the semester where I had to practice for the GRE and complete my graduate school applications. In addition, I was also an undergraduate teaching assistant for two classes and these two jobs consumed more than 12 hours of my week.

But I am glad that I took the classes that I did.

Nevertheless, as aforementioned, this semester has been a fun semester for me. There was nothing that I particularly loather, even though the Photran project did get on my nerves once in a while. Next semester would also be fun. I will be taking a graduate level course on object-oriented design taught by Prof. Ralph Johnson, co-author of the famous Design Patterns book. I have browsed through some of the syllabus from past semesters and am beginning to learn Smalltalk using VisualWorks. I tried using Squeak but all the multimedia stuff was too distracting.

While the IDE for Smalltalk definitely need some polishing, there is nothing wrong with the language itself. In fact its syntax is so simple, that it can easily fit within a postcard!

Also, I will be taking ECE411, something that I am not terribly interested in because I really do not like VHDL.

Anyway, next semester will be my last as an undergraduate so I will try to accomplish as much as possible and hopefully have some fun as well.

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