Chronicles of Narnia: Symbolisms

Managed to catch Chronicles of Narnia the other day. It was pretty much how I remembered it when I read the book as a kid. There are seven books in the Chronicles of Narnia, I do not think that I have read all of them but I have definitely read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe since I do remember the Turkish Delight part. Overall, it was a nice story and the special effects were done nicely without overwhelming the story. Some of my friends might not have liked it because of its lack of violence, but then again, this is supposed to be a children's movie.

C.S. Lewis, the creator of the series was a prominent Christian writer and has endowed this story with a few symbolisms from the Christian bible. These are a few that I have noticed. Of course, this is based on my own interpretation and might be completely off so do not quote me on this:

So those are some of my observations on the movie. There could be some subtle symbolisms that I might have missed, but I should have gotten most of them.

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