Something really interesting is going on...

...with TextMate. I am using it and liking everything that I see. However, there are users out there more passionate about it then I am. In fact, they are so passionate about this new editor for the OS X that they are writing articles about it on their blogs. Amazing!

There are many other excellent editors out there for OS X. For instance the veteran BBEdit, the innovative SubEthaEdit and also the web-developer's arsenal SKEdit. There are many people using those editors but I have not really come across any blogs writing about tips on how to enhance their usage.

What blogs are there that write about TextMate? Well, for a quick list, head over here.

There could be a few reasons for the passion that surrounds TextMate but here are some that I can come up with at the moment:

I am really looking forward to see what TextMate is going to offer next.

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