MacBook Pro

It was kind of tongue-in-cheek for Apple to release the MacBook Pro with the caption "wishes do come true". However, it is indeed a wish come true. If you recall, a couple of months back I was lamenting the fact that you still could not get a powerful machine even if you had a fortune to spend on Apple. Well, right now, at least we have something that is at least on par with most machines. It is not top of the line, since there are indeed faster core duo specs on other machines but you must admit, the speed difference is rather significant. True, there are a lot of features that might be missing, such as the following (some might be rumors since I could not get official confirmation):

What should run, natively (not using Rosetta):

Most of them already have universal binaries so everything is fine. Applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word that I use occasionally can run under Rosetta and I will not complain.

What extra accessories I might need to get:

Either way, I should be ordering my own MacBook soon.

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