Why iChat is not usable for serious instant messaging

I used Proteus before but decided to switch over to iChat to give it a try. After almost 2 weeks using it, I have found it not suitable for my needs. To keep a long story short, here are the three reasons:

If you have only used iChat as your sole instant messaging application, you probably will not miss all those features. But trust me, once you have those features you will not be looking back. There is a reason why GAIM, Adium, Proteus have those features: because they are really useful!

I have now switched to Adium. Proteus is great but it seems to have not been updated for some time. And its file transfer support seems kind of flaky. Probably the only reason I would want to use iChat would be for audio or video chatting.

Update: Seems that there is a program the enhances iChat with some of the features I mentioned. I have not tried it out but it seems promising. It's called Chax and has an ugly icon but it gets the message across: the band-aid on the iChat icon shows that it fixes what is wrong with iChat.

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