Here are some Haiku that I wrote for my East-Asian Literature class. I had to choose one to submit but I will probably use the rest as part of my e-mail signatures in the future. I did not go through all of them so there might be some errors in the number of syllabus. Also, the raw HMTL is kind of bad since I was trying to use Textile in a weird manner.

Trusting a rodent

Punxsutawney Phil

Someone shoot that groundhog dead

Winter six more weeks

Summer Sweat

Mosquitoes flutter

Marshmallows and ghost stories

Rain puts out the fire

Web surfing

404 not found

Try using google.com

Page can’t be displayed


Waiting for room mate

Sad and lonely in the room

Dog came home instead

Spankin’ New Display

First snow, then silence

Display not found; drivers fail

Welcome to Windows

Snow flakes

Hot cocoa in hand

Ice flakes falling from the clouds

There is nothing but

Summer’s night

Crickets are chirping

Nuts and beer on the table

Men discuss their problems


The capybara

It wanted to eat a worm

It bit its own tail


Wind caressing face

Flower and trees; twigs no more

Winter is gone, spring comes

The beggar

Lying in the streets

The pavement is his home now

What if it were you?

Return from the rain

Splatter, splatter, splat

Frogs and fish come out to play

Muddy prints on floor

Beach fun

SPF 15

Beautiful girls in short skirts

Look like red lobsters

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