When a search engine advertises on TV, something is not right

Ask.com Promoting Hard Via Commercials:

"2.) The commercials creep me out. They royally creep me out. I don't think chimps, apes, orangutans or any type of primate is funny. I hate commercials that put primates in people clothes, though not as much as I hate commercials or movies that make people look like apes. It just seems like such a cheap trick to me, old and overdone. I would have expected something more innovative from Ask."

If you have not watched them, you can find them here.

The features that are highlighted are useful but it would not be the deciding factor for which search engine people use. Just try searching for a phrase and then compare the results from Ask.com and Google. Even with all so called nifty features, Ask.com has much less results. Maybe they would claim that their searches are more relevant compared to those from Google but relevance is a very subjective term. And when everyone is free to define their own relevance, more choices is usually better.

And those features are nothing new. A couple of other search engines already have it. Unless you have something really nifty that people cannot understand (which means that it is a bad idea in the first place) you should really not be advertising.

Anyway, back to the point. Advertising on the TV for an Internet search engine seems to imply certain doom.

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