Video iPod

My 3rd Gen iPod which lasted me about 2.5 years finally gave up on me. Well, it did not stop working; it's battery life just got so abysmally short that there was not much point touting that thing around anymore. I tried all means of trying to resuscitate it but to no avail. Interestingly, I just found out that my friend, Chin Fei also had the same problems with his iPod, which was a few days younger than mine. The left side of the iPod was slightly protruded as if something had expanded inside.

Anyway, I settled for the 30 GB Video iPod. It arrived today with my custom engraving and it works fine. I am pretty sure that this new generation of Video iPod is much better than the one that came out before. It's thin and it does not weight so much. The only downside is that it charges and syncs using a USB port. I am using a Macbook and USB ports are scarce resources!

Now, what should I do with a 30 GB Video iPod? Fortunately someone has answered that question for me: 50 Fun Things To Do With Your iPod. Oh, did I mention that having the album art displayed on the screen is really cool?

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