Wireless service set up

Went back to Malaysia and had to bear the slow internet speeds that we have here. Finally managed to install Streamyx, the only broadband connection that is being offered in Malaysia. Online registration is available but it takes three days for the service to activate. Moreover, even with the online registration, you have to go to the store to pick up a completely useless piece of CD that contained some video tutorials on how to connect the ADSL modem.

In the end, everything went alright. The DSL connection is a bit flaky in my area and it takes a couple of minutes for the handshake to be established. I signed up for the 1 Mbps option but was not able to get much more than during normal times. Probably the situation will improve when I use the connection in the wee hours of the morning.

Fortunately, I also opted for a wireless router. That way I need to go bury myself in the small room where the computer lies. The wireless connection is pretty steady and at least it provides a better alternative compared to connecting - or god forbid, taking turns to plug into the ethernet port - three notebook computers into a hub.

Well, the speed is decent and I am able to actually use the service with my MacBook Pro which does not come with a modem so dial-up is not an option. Back to reading my articles and getting all the latest updates. With this decent connection, I will probably be able to post more often to this blog.

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