Score early; chances of future success is higher

If there is one thing that the World Cup has taught me is that those who score early usually win the match. There is nothing more devastating than conceding a goal early in the match to your opponent. Conceding that goal not only upsets you and your team's demeanor but also sends you into panic mode for the rest of the game. Moreover, that one-up is even more devastating if it comes from a less well-known team.

I guess it's the same with business. The company that strikes first usually dominate the market (at least while there is a market for that particular item). It does not matter whether you have the most superior product around; what matters is who gets it out to the consumer first. Once the other team has gotten that advantage, you have a lot of catching up to do. And no matter how much catching up you do, you must realize that your opponent can easily score another against you. You did not expect your opponent to actually wait for you to catch up, did you?

Under such dire situations, what actions should the company take to help even out the playing field? Again, let's take a football analogy to things.

This is probably a weird entry. So blame it on the overdose of the Fifa World Cup.

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