Testing Out the New Blogging Bundle in Textmate

I am using the new blogging bundle in Textmate to write this entry. I was pretty impressed by the screencast found here and decided to give it a go. You must take a look at the automatic image upload that happens at the end of the screencast. So far, I am pretty impressed by it. The fact that you can write a bundle to turn Texmate, a text editor into a blogging editor actually attests to how robust the underlying architecture is.

However, there are still some shortcomings that prevent me from using this as my primary blogging software. So far, all the previous posts titles are not cached. That means anytime I want to edit a previous entry, I would have to download the entire list and sort through them. There might be a per blog setting that can copy this list (or even keep a local copy of it) so that Textmate does not need to download the entire list every time. Once, this bundle is able to automatically store local copies of my blog entries, then I would probably to use this more than my current blogging editor, Marsedit. At the moment, I could definitely generate a folder and fetch each entry and store it into the newly created folder. However, it would be better if this feature was build in to the bundle. That way, I can issue a "synchronize" command and have the bundle check if any of the entries are different. A simple way to tell if they are different would be to check the date field. Anyway, the blogging bundle is still in its infancy but it is pretty useful already.

So I created this entry in Textmate and then uploaded it. I then fetched it again to make some edits. And it works!

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