Only in Malaysia: People here do not care enough about cleanliness

Yesterday, I went to the bakery to buy some pastries for breakfast. While my mom was paying, I caught sight of a cockroach crawling around on the bread counter. So, my first reaction was to shout "Cockroach!". Amazingly, no one even bothered to look at me. Not even the owner. So, I took out my camera phone to take a picture of that roach expecting the owner to take notice of me. No reaction whatsoever from anyone. No one seems to care if I went to report the bakery to the health officers.

Today, my girl friend and I went to have lunch at KFC. Her meal came with a bun. As she was eating it she noticed that there was actually green mold on that bun! So, she went to the manager and told him. To which he casually replied, "Do you want a new bun?". He did not even bother apologizing for the mold. I wonder how many people had nonchalantly eaten the bun without knowing that there was mold on it.

In both incidents I could have chosen to make a scene out of it. I could have demanded compensation or something else. But it seems rather pointless to make a big deal out of it. No one else seems to be bothered.

I don't do these thing just to embarrass the establishment. In fact, I will casually tell the person-in-charge of the matter and be done with it. However, that only works if the person-in-charge is willing to take action to rectify the problem. In both cases, no one even bothered to reassure me that some action would be taken.

Things would definitely be different in the United States.

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