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I have created a sub-blog that deals with software engineering (mostly software architecture at this point). It's part of my CS 527: Advanced Topics in Software Engineering online journal project.

So far, there are three articles on it. And more would be added soon since we have to keep a journal about the papers/ books we read. Most of the content should be appreciable even if you do not read the original paper or book. At least that is what I hope since I do spend some time making it useful for people to read.

Whenever possible I have also included a link to the paper. But when the article is about the two mandatory books for the class, it can be a bit hard to follow. Anyway, in case anyone is interested, the two mandatory books for the class are SAIP: Software Architecture in Practice and Domain Driven Design. I have read a bit on Domain Driven Design and I can say that it is definitely a book worth getting. I have no opinion yet on SAIP but I am wary of stuff produced by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) because they do tend to be a bit dry.

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