Initial impression of iTunes 7

Weird user interface that we will all get used to eventually. iTunes is in a class of its own. The iPod tab is pretty hideous. And there is way too much reflection being used. I really don't think that all the eye candy was necessary. People with slower computers will just suffer from all that stuff. iTunes should be something that I can run in the background without taking too much RAM; I want to be able to listen to my music while I do my programming or photo editing. For a good article on this, read Where's My RAM?.

I can really get used to the movies thing. Of course, I would prefer to rent than actually buying. But here is a scenario where something like this really useful: You are throwing party. And after dinner you have nothing planned yet. Then, while having dinner, one of your guests suggest that a movie might be interesting. You just head over to the iTunes store and grab that title. Half and hour later, after dinner, all of you can enjoy the movie.

Now, I just wish that I had a better quota for my internet downloads. My 1 GB quota is really not sufficient for a movie. Probably means that I have to go to some internet cafe first and grab that movie file.

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