Two new gadgets added to my collection

I received the Griffin Elevator for my birthday recently and it has been one of the most useful tools that I have owned. I only regret not buying it earlier. The Elevator has positioned my laptop to a more comfortable position for viewing whenever I am at my desktop. After a few months of using tea boxes (yes they do work!) to elevate my laptop to a more comfortable level, the Elevator is definitely a better alternative. I can finally see the screen of the laptop without having to hunch over. More importantly, it also leaves the bottom of the laptop exposed so the heat can be dissipated more easily.

The second gadget that I got was a natural keyboard from Microsoft - the Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. The side closest to the typist is elevated which makes it look a bit funny but it looks pretty cool nonetheless. I have always been skeptical about the usefulness of natural keyboards. However, I have recently been suffering some pains in my wrists recently and I was wiling to try a natural keyboard to see if it would help. I have been using this keyboard for a few hours now and I can testify that I cannot type properly! My finger positions are all wrong and I need some time getting used to this keyboard. Fortunately, I am picking up the habits of proper typing - I am finally using the little fingers for typing instead of letting it dangle aimlessly while I type. Only time will tell whether this keyboard will help lessen or eliminate the pain in my wrists.

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