Why tools can make it a pleasure to learn a new framework

I was reading the book Spring In Action in my attempt to learn about Spring. More importantly, I needed to know enough to be able to incorporate refactoring support for it as part of my project.

Unfortunately, the book had some typos which were actually technical errors. And this was just in Chapter 1! If you are trying to learn something for the first time and there are typos, you might not be able to detect it. And this can lead to hours of frustration....

Fortunately, IntelliJ has support Spring. And it detects the errors for you! So even if the technical reviewers did not detect the error, at least your IDE (a good one) can do it for you and save you time.

Error detection
IntelliJ 7 has support for Spring. In this case, it detected that something was wrong with the xml configuration file.

Error correction
It even offers the ability to correct the error!

I wonder if the error in the book could have been detected had the reviewers use a better tool. Or at least attempt to run it using some automated tool.

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