Rubber Bands

My girlfriend and I decided to join the Innovation Tournament Video Contest. The video above is our submission. It could definitely be improved. However, considering the fact that we are only a two-person team and that the weather here is less than conducive, I think we did OK. Overall, it was an interesting experience -- something that I normally would not have done.

Update: Well, turns out that we won! We get to have breakfast with Henry Petroski, an author whose books I enjoy and a visit to IDEO. I wasn't aware of this before but turns out that Henry Petroski did his Ph.D from UIUC! My advisor, Ralph Johnson and my colleague, Maurice are both fans of his writing. It is great to be able to meet Mr. Petroski in-person!

The prizes were sort of interesting because there were slightly more prizes than participants. So this means that a) everyone who participated was really a prize-winner and b) each team got to choose more than one prize. Some prizes, like the opportunity to attend breakfast with Mr. Petroski, were not limited or exclusive so multiple teams could choose the same prize.

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