updated updated!

After delaying for a very long time, I have finally updated the root site and turned it into something that reflects more of what I am doing as a Ph.D. student. I was only compelled to do it because the CS department demanded a curriculum vitae from each of its students. I wanted to put a web address on my CV so that people can keep up with what I am doing and find. However, I did not feel that it was appropriate to put my blog address directly on it; after all, a website that starts with the word "blog" might not sound professional enough to some academic peers (it should be fine for a developer's blog though).

I was too lazy to actually write everything from scratch so I decided to give RapidWeaver a try. I had used it before for various tasks but I am only needed to use the demo version since I would just borrow (and credit) their templates and then code everything up by hand. But this time, I decided that since was going to be mostly static content, I needed a convenient way to easily update it using some application. Also, I am not really a web designer so I would like to be able to quickly change the template without having to do too much work on my part.

Overall, I think the new look is pretty decent. There are things that still need updating but overall it's a good start. There are two things now that I must remember to do: constantly update the static pages and upload a picture of myself to the front page....

I don't really subscribe to the idea of putting yourself out there on the web for everyone (like this guy) but I do think that it is important to have a clean web page where your peers can easily find you.

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