Updated to Typo5

So I discovered that my web host just upgraded to Rails 2. How did I make the discovery? Well, both my blogs were malfunctioning. And when a rails web application malfunctions, it is usually a good idea to check if they had upgraded it. Previous experience with Typo should have taught me that but sometimes I forget such things.

I should definitely freeze the rails version right now so that I don't encounter such problems in the future.

Anyway, I grabbed the latest version of Typo and installed it. I must say the latest version really looks slick. I chose to use the same Scribbish theme for this blog but there are two new themes that are pretty nice too.

One caveat is that some of the plug-ins have been removed from the base Typo installation. This caused me some problems as I migrated my blog over. I could have just installed the old plug-ins following the instructions from here but I decided to stay fresh. I am not sure whether there is an easier way to do this, but I basically went into the database and remove the sidebars table:
DELETE from sidebars;

I am going to upgrade the softwareengineering.vazexqi.com blog in the next few hours so it should be back up by tonight.

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