A Pattern Language for Screencasting

About 9 months ago, I said that I will be looking into collecting different patterns for screencasting. So finally....

I just finished writing a pattern language for screencasting based on my experiences producing and observing various screencasts on the internet. Through my experiences I have noticed various patterns that myself and other screencasters have used. Applying those patterns would certainly help the presentation of your screencast but, more importantly, I believe that the patterns enhance the teaching-learning experience of screencasts. And ultimately that is what matters most.

Interested readers may view the patterns here. The pictures that I have included are based on software for the Mac since that is what I use for my screencasting.

At the moment, it's a rather complete version of what I had originally envisioned for such a document. It can definitely be improved but I would like to get a version out on the web for people to read in case anyone is interested in providing feedback or suggestions.

I do maintain copyright on the document in case I ever decide to publish it at some pattern conference.

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